Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information
Name Fergal Michael Daly
Address 70 Beechfield Rd.,
Dublin 12,
Phone +353 1 4502459 / +353 1 4600204 / +353 86 853 0532
Date of Birth 23 / 8 / 1974
In previous positions, I have been the only developer or one of a very small number of developers. In the future, I would like to join a strong software development team where I can focus on technology, learn from those around me and share my skills, knowledge and experience.
Software development

I have been writing software for 17 years. I have developed a wide variety of applications and libraries in many languages, including C, C++, PL/SQL, Perl and Java.

I have extensive experience with: object oriented design and development; database design; network socket programming (TCP/IP, UDP); client/server systems; automated testing; security; GUI toolkits; designing reusable libraries; version and release control (RCS, CVS).

Perl I have used Perl since 1996. I use Perl for everything from GUI apps to number crunching to network daemons to web development and am well versed in techniques such as object oriented programming, reusable library creation, advanced regular expressions and GUI creation with Tk. I have also written XS modules to access external shared C libraries. See for my published modules.
C, C++ I started using C in 1993 and have written both libraries and applications. I have also used these languages to customise or fix bugs in the open source packages that I use from day to day. I am familiar with OO design, GUIs and C++'s STL library.
SQL and RDBMS I started using SQL in 1999 and have experience of it on Oracle, Mysql, MS SQL and Postgres, using PL/SQL, ODBC, JDBC and I have designed schemas and written code for database backed applications and have interfaced to RDBMS from C, Perl and Java.

I have used and administered UNIX systems since 1995. I have excellent knowledge of Linux, using it for work and personal use and have also developed on Solaris and HPUX.

I have configured and administered services including: DNS (bind); web (Apache); proxy (Squid); FTP (WUFTPd); mail (SMTP, POP, IMAP); ssh; samba; firewalling; PAM (I have written Linux-PAM modules); RAID; databases (Oracle, MySQL, Postgresql).

I have compiled and tuned standard and custom kernels and have done some of my own kernel programming and modification.

XML I have used XML since 1999, working on large projects requiring XML parsing, manipulation, generation and integration with RDBMS systems. I am familiar with XML technologies such as XSLT, XPath and XQuery
Java I have written applets and servlets in Java and am familiar with Java's libraries, JSP and JDBC
Other technical knowledge CGI; HTML; Networking, Ethernet, ATM, IP, firewalling and I have a good knowledge of common application protocols including POP, SMTP, FTP, HTTP, having written applications that interact directly with servers.
Other programming languages I have also written code in Javascript, Pascal, Lisp, Python, Ruby, Basic and several different assembly languages.
Other skills

I have excellent analytical skills and enjoy tackling difficult problems. My solutions have saved large amounts of money for my employers and valuable time for my work colleagues.

I have excellent communications skills and after speaking on internet security to the Irish Telecoms Fraud Forum was asked to give the same presentation to an international conference hosted by them in Dublin.

I am a very quick and independent learner. I usually learn new technologies and skills by reading the published standards or accompanying documentation in conjunction with hands on experience and online resources.

I am an excellent teacher. I have taught colleagues a variety of skills and techniques from elementary programming to object orientation.

Employment History
Contracting and working on opensource projects

I am currently working on contracts with Esat and working on several opensource projects, including bug fixes and improvements for Perl, automated testing software, template software. You can find some of my opensource software at

Dec 01 - Dec 02
Traveling and teaching English in Asia

I spent 1 year traveling in Asia, mainly in Thailand and China. I spent 3 months teaching English in China. During this year I made an effort to learn the local languages and can now speak, read and write Thai at a basic level and Mandarin Chinese at an intermediate level. While living in China I worked on some programming projects that I will soon be releasing as open source.

Nov 98 - Dec 01
Esat Clear/Esat Fusion (acquired by British Telecom April 2000)

Positions held: Portal Development Manager (Mar 2001), Broadband Research Manager (Dec 2000), UNIX Team Leader (Sep 2000), UNIX Developer/Sysadmin (Sep 1998)

In Mar 2001 I was appointed Portal Applications Manager for Esat Fusion. With my team, I was responsible for providing new functionality on our portal websites either through 3rd party applications or in house development. In my time in that position we deployed the Obtree Content Management system and launched several services including Google integration, detailed sports news and results for Ireland and UK, a web to SMS gateway, and a voice command driven email to phone service. We also unified the varied registration systems of our portals into a highly flexible modular registration system.

In these roles I developed software for customer use, for technical team use and for use by internal business users.

  • I wrote patches for our UNIX daemons to use an SQL database instead of /etc/passwd, allowing us to cope with our rapidly expanding user base.
  • I wrote reporting tools and sysadmin automation tools.
  • I created a GUI for our customer care trouble ticket system.
  • Esat also launched the first independent voice service in Ireland and I wrote a call rating engine to calculate and analyse customer savings versus our competitors. This was based on several million call records and the results were used in several major advertising campaigns.
  • I created a framework for allowing Perl objects to be used transparently across a network.
  • I designed a system to allow customers to view their bills online. My system was selected by management over externally provided solutions due to it's much lower initial costs and maintenance costs and increased functionality for customers.
  • I integrated's search engine into our portal site. This involves communicating with Google's servers via XML over HTTP and displaying the resulting data in a web browser. Non-technical designers had full control over the look and feel and could alter it with standard web design tools (Dreamweaver etc.)
  • While working on the above I developed and documented many libraries and modules which were reused in my projects and also by colleagues.

I also played an active part in helping the business users formulate and express their requirements to our group IT dept, in defining and refining business processes, analysing data structures and automation of work flow and in testing the results.

When I started working in Esat I was part of a two man team that set up a full Linux based ISP from scratch and linked it into the internal sales system. Esat Clear (now EsatBT) is now the largest ISP in Ireland.

Sept 99 - May 00
University College Dublin

Position: Research Demonstrator.

I taught mathematics to university students in tutorials and corrected assignments.

Apr 98 - Oct 99
Irish Trade Web

Position: Contractor.

I was contracted to design and code a client and server for NightFreight Ireland - a freight company with depots all around Ireland. This software is the backbone of their network, handling all their consignments and invoicing. The client runs on Windows or UNIX and has a full GUI. Between client and server it comprises over 25,000 lines of object oriented Perl code.

Mar 96 - Jun 98
Medianet / Club Internet
Positions held: Developer, UNIX sysadmin, technical support agent.

Initially I did part time telephone tech support, then moved on to systems administration and design and development of internal systems for automated sales and administration.

Miscellaneous Freelance Internet consulting, including security and configuration work, training and CGI scripting.
Academic History
1999-2000 (UCD) I left full-time employment to pursue an M.Sc. in Mathematics. Final grade: 1st class honours.
1992-1997 (UCD) I studied for a B.Sc. joint honours Mathematics and Mathematical Physics including 2 years of Computer Science and a certificate in advanced technical French. Final grade: 2nd class Honours, grade 2.
1992 Irish Leaving Certificate - 8 honours
Languages spoken
English Native speaker
Irish Conversational
French Conversational
Mandarin Chinese Intermediate spoken, basic written
Japanese Basic - completed beginner's Japanese course at Aisling language school, Dublin
Thai/Lao Basic
Personal Achievements and Interests
  • While at UCD, I took an active part in student societies and the students' union. I was treasurer and then auditor of 3 societies and was a founder of the Internet Society which is still the only means for undergraduates in UCD to gain full access to the Internet. I also helped organise campaigns for better student facilities and to raise awareness of important issues.
  • I received the Presidents Award for Excellence in Student Activities in 1996.
  • I competed for Ireland at the International Mathematics Olympiad in Moscow in 1992.
  • My interests include Linux programming, reading, cinema, comedy, science, mathematics, soccer, swimming, traveling and languages.
Gary Petticrew,
ISP Operations Manager,
Phone: 01 242 4000

Edel Behan,
Head of Propositions,
Phone: 01 242 4000