These are some of the 400 or so photos I've taken on my trip. Unfortunately the guy at the net cafe saved them with the JPEG compression turned up way too high and they're a bit blocky. Not much I can do until I get home. Thanks to Gav for chopping them up from the original scans.

They're in roughly the order they were taken.

Bangkok signage. Is this dentist far enough away for you Gary?
The Volk Bar.Serving cocktails from the back of a spruced up Volkswagon van! It pulls up near Khao San Road in Bangkok most nights. How cool is that? How impossible would it be to do this in Ireland?
The mouth of hell, in the trippy Buddha Park near Vientiane. If you go inside you could see all sort of nastiness going on... except it's pitch dark.
Sorry pal, regular buddhists only tonight.
A temple in Vientiane, Laos and Mrs Boun Loum my Laotion stalker! I have a better photo of her but for some reason the lab didn't print it... fate I suppose.
Mekong sunset in Vientiane with Westlife playing in the background!
Rush hour on the main street in Vientiane. Taken from the top of their Arc De Triumph.
The guys who brought me to a "wedding".
They really know how to do landscapes in Laos. This is also from the wedding trip.
Another shit-cool landscape. This time the Am Ngum reservoir between Vientiane and Vang Vieng.
The green green rice of home. Taken from the back of a poor abused elephant, on the trek in Chiang Mai.
Nice cafe, shame about the necrophiliac!
My friend Bounyan in his traditional wedding gear.
Laos, the land of staring babies! This kid stared at us for 10 hours solid on the way to Savahnaket.
Fox and chips in Savahnaket!! Yum yum!!
Baby chicken on a stick. Bottom right is the neck and head!
Some of the ruins of Wat Phou near Champhasak. Taken from the upper level.
All the fun of the fair! This was in Attapeu at the monument to Kaysone, the founder of the Laos communist state. Presumably this somehow goes to show what a nice bloke he really was and not a genocidal butcher/torturer/re-educator!
Twister!!! Run for your life!!! Or get your camera out and gawp like Cletus the slack-jawed yokal.
Me, officially nowhere. An illegal alien on the beach in Cambodia
The dead baby dolphin that we found while dolphin watching in the south of Laos.
19 adults, 5 children, 2 chickens, a small bird, luggage and more in the back of that!