too much to tell!

Vientiane, Laos

Fri, 14 Dec 2001 10:10:18 +0000 (GMT)

Hello all!

After a fairly slow to my holiday, things have picked up considerably, so much that I haven't had time to write any of it down.

On wed night, I went drinking with the police man I met when I had my glasses stolen. His has a motorbike and we drove to his mates house out of town. I wasn't sure if I was in for some sort of Laos style remake of Deliverance or what but it turned out well.

Myself and about 10 other Laotians, some of whoma speak good English spent the night drinking Beer Lao on some guys porch. It reminded me of being at home drinking in Deco's house. In fact it was almost identical. There was 1 guy getting lots of abuse. He had a beard, so he deserved it. It seems that most people in Laos are aware that beards are the work of the devil, so they set fire to it a couple of times. I was trying not to wet myself laughing because the guy was sitting beside me!

Anyway the really cool news from that is that I'm invited to a traditional Lao wedding out in the countryside tomorrow!!

Thursday, I went and did a bit of shopping with Vongxay (the police man - referrences to The Village People will not be tolerated!).

While I was having lunch, Mrs Loum appeared (the woman who may have swiped my glasses). She came over and started drinking my beer again and chatting away. I'm starting to think maybe she not a thief, that it was the hammock salesman afterall because every time I see him, he says hello and has a big "I robbed you glasses and there's nothing you can do" smile.

She is however an also. She had a litre of Loa whiskey that she bought earlier in the market and a cassette of the Lao equivalent of Daniel O'Donnell! I tried to lose her by going to a cyber cafe but she came in and spoke to the girl about learning to use email so she can write to me!

Then we went for a bit of tourism to a couple of temples. I decided the best way to ditch her was to buy her a beer ("one beer for me? one beer for me?" is her catchphrase!) and tell her I was tired (which I was after the night before). She wanted me to come back to her place for papaya and to listen to the tape! I don't know whether she wants to mug me or hug me. She gave me an orchid and taught me how to say "oh my darling!". Anyway, I managed to get to bed for an hour or two.

I got up and met Vongxay again and we went to someone's birthday party which was pretty good fun too. Lots of women and they're very pretty, but they don't speak english...

This morning myself Kourina and Christine (girls from the flight) went to the Buddha Garden. It's hard to explain, you have to see it. Lots of weird stone statues.

We got talking to some monks and we're going to the monastery tomorrow and then meet his family who own a duck farm! He was a bit weird, he started crying at one stage. The monks all know Roy Keane by the way!!

Our taxi driver turns out to also be the English teacher in a local school and he took us there to meet the principal and the children! The whole thing was mad, the kids were hysterical when they met us, totally bizarre.

I think the idea is to hit people for a donation and we did donate but it's a worthy cause.

Loas is the best place I've ever been in my life. I can't believe how friendly the people are. I'll definitely be back again

Gotta go meet Vongxay, I'm going to meet his family now!