Happy Xmas and some some dullness

Louang Phabang, Laos

Mon, 24 Dec 2001 11:35:45 +0000 (GMT)

Merry Christmas everybody!

I'm going to be spending xmas in Loung Phabang in the north of Laos. It's quite chilly up here at night but lovely during the day. I'll be living it up at an all you can eat and drink BBQ for $14 on xmas night, run by a guy from Co. Down. There are two buddhist monks checking their email beside me, very odd!

Things have been fairly unexciting over the last while. After recovering from my dose (another day in bed and a sympathy packet of Taytos), I finally said goodbye to my boozing buddies in Vientiane and left on Thursday morning on the Happy Bus to Vang Viang. I've got an extension of 10 days to my visa, so I have time to do what I want.

I met a really nice Irish couple and their English friend at my guest house and within minutes we were having beers. About 9 of us went to dinner in one of the world's worst restaurant, the 1st dish arrived after 10 minutes, the last at 1hr 40mins! We were very careful not to leave a tip.

Went exploring some caves and floating down the river on an inner tube on the Friday. I ended up leading a 7 year old Korean boy through the caves. All perfectly innocent, he didn't want to hold his mothers hand, so he grabbed onto me. We were accompanied by a mouthy cockney and his two quite pleasant friends, who were a bit pissed off at him for spouting racist drivel the night before and ruining their chances with some ladies. If anyone saw 'Orrible with Johnnie Vaughan then you've already met this guy, it was uncanny.

After vegging for a day, I caught the bus for a 7 hour cramped and hard bus ride to Louang Phabang. I spent all 7 hours chatting to a very pleasant Canadian called Mary.

Accomodation was so difficult to find, I ended up sharing a bed with Peter, an English guy I met on the Happy Bus Met. His main hobby is caving and pot holing but there was none of that going on last night!Separate sleeping bags! At about 8, we met people who had been on our bus and still hadn't found somewhere to sleep.

And today, 3 of us went to see the famous Pak Ou caves. It was a 2hr boat ride there and we spent about 20 minutes looking around. They're crap, it's that simple. Another hour on the boat back, freezing to death and I'm sitting here 1 hour later and I feel like I'm swaying from side to side.

That's it, no adventures, mainly nice, normal people and no great weather, just saying have a happy christmas and getting my diary up to date.

Bye for now and I hope you get nice pressies,