Bad Chinglish Poetry

I had a wonderful time in China and everyone was really nice to me (except the guy who stole my mobile but even then the people who helped me were great). However I did notice that sometimes people were making jokes about me. Usually in little restaurants that have never had a foreigner before. It didn't bother me, it was always good humoured and I was always treated much better than a Chinese person coming to the West. I always got revenge by waiting until I was leaving then saying a few words in Chinese and leaving them a little shocked and thinking that I'd understood everything they'd said about me. Maybe one day I will, when my Chinese is good enough. Until then, here's some rather dodgy poetry inspired by that situation

Sometimes you think we 听不懂,
sometimes you couldn't be more wrong.
I've studied hard for 1 year now
and I 说普通话 很好!

So if you want to make some fun
of 大鼻子 的 外国人,
remember this and you'll go far,
有 一些 学习 你 的 话!


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